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Avocado Benefits

Health Benefits Of Avocados, How The Heart Benefits From Avocados

With the high rate of heart related problems in the U.S and many parts of Europe, it is common for consumers to worry about how a certain food item, affects the heart. You would be glad if you heard that avocados do not work against an healthy heart but, there is more good news. Many nutrients in an avocado actually help keep your heart in better shape and health. In this report on avocados and your heart, we will first talk about what is good for your heart. We will then map this knowledge against the benefits derived by the heart when you eat avocados.

The American Heart Association uses the LDL (bad cholestrol) and HDL (good cholestrol) classification, to tell you what you should be consuming and what you should avoid. Just for your information, the full form or LDL is low density lipoproteins and HDL is the short form for High Density Lipoproteins. If we told you that an avocado was high in LDL that would be bad news but, if we told you that avocados do not contain any cholestrol at all - that might sound like something wonderful. If you are wondering about what avocados could do to your heart, there is good news. An avocado actually has HDL which basically is the good cholestrol. So when eaten in moderation, avocados would increase the good cholestrol levels in the blood. 

avocado benefits, nutrition of avocados and health benefits
The benefits of avocados have been medically testified and verified. The health benifits that an avocado provides to the heart is indeed very impressive. Read this complete report to realize how the nutrition of avocados can be of tremendous help to people of all ages.

Medical research has proved that, a diet that is low in sodium is good for the heart. Avocados score high marks here too as they have no sodium content at all. Another thing that is recommended by the American Heart Association is that, a daily intake of potassium works positively to improve the condition of the heart. You will be glad to know that avocados do contain potassium. Once again our discussion on avocados and your heart shows that avocados do not harm the heart, the presence of potassium infact does good things to your heart.

You might sometimes come across health reports claiming that, avocados contain mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats. These are the HDL type of (good) cholestrol that we talked about earlier. General food recommendations that, everything be consumed in moderation apply even to avocados. The fact however remains that avocados when eaten in moderation actually work to better your heart condition.

We will now summarize this brief report on avocados and the human heart, this will make things very clear to everyone. While there are many food related items that, can claim to be unharmful to the heart  - few items actually work to improve the health of your heart. Avocados are proactive in the sense that, they actually have a positive effect on your heart. Just remember that good food, good excercise and the reduction of mental stress are all essential for a good heart.

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