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Chocolate And Health Benefits

What Is Dark Chocolate, Is Dark Chocolate Good For Health

In recent years, the status of dark chocolate has been elevated to something like a health food. Many people wonder how something sweet and probably even greasy, can be good for your health. In this brief report we will discuss issues related to the health benefits of dark chocolate. And before we get into that discussion, we will first try to understand the meaning of dark chocolate.

So what exactly is dark chocolate - it is necessary that we fully understand the meaning of dark chocolate. Most of the chocolate that you come across would have a brownish color, some of it would be very dark brown and a small fraction would be so dark that it might indeed appear black. Making chocolate can involve using a number of ingredients but, four ingredients are almost always present. Coco, milk, fat and sugar form the foundation of most chocolates. Of these, milk has a direct impact on the color of the chocolate. The higher the milk content the lighter (brown) the color of the chocolate. You might have guessed now that, dark chocolate essentially has little or no milk content. While normal chocolate delivers a flavor  that combines the taste of coco and milk, dark chocolate concentrates on providing a fuller chocolate taste.


health benefits of chocolate, is dark chocolate good for health
While medical research has pinned some positive health benefits on chocolate, the goodness is all in the cocoa. Sweet delicious chocolate, generally has a substantial content of sugar and saturated fats. Eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate might be good for your health but for now, resist the temptation to overeat this tempting delicacy. Research related to the health benefits of chocolate has gathered momentum and we might soon have a more definite answer and recommendation.

Recent studies have claimed that dark chocolate is good for health, let us find out why this is so. Scientists say that coco which is one of the major ingredients in chocolate exhibits some interesting phenomena when fermented. The idea is that dark chocolate with it's higher coco content will improve the health of your heart. Interestingly the consumption of coco need not include the substance in fermented form, your body is equipped to do that. The presence of certain bacteria in the human digestive tract allows the body to ferment coco. These microscopic bacteria reside almost at the end of the digestive tract. Coco consists of antioxidants and fiber, the bacteria manages to ferment both of these. Let us continue to understand how this fermented material is beneficial to the human body.

When you eat dark chocolate, the fermentation inside the digestive tract releases some anti-inflammatory compounds ? it is these compounds that work to improve the cardiovascular functions in the body. As we get into details of the health benefits of dark chocolate or coco, please do not start feasting on either of them before consulting your doctor. It is known for sometime that, daily consumption of dark chocolate can help to reduce blood pressure. It was this finding that encouraged medical experts to go deeper and study more. The ability of cocoa to improve the general condition of the heart, is good news even for healthy people.

The health benefits of dark chocolate extend beyond the heart, some positive results have been noted with reference to insulin sensitivity too. While this is good news for diabetics, it can prove useful for non-diabetics too. Encouraging results were noted after the consumption of coco or dark chocolate for a month. We would once again remind you that, none of these positive results should replace professional medical help and advice. Neither coco nor dark chocolate will give magical cures for patients with advanced conditions related to diabetes or heart problems. However consuming dark chocolate or coco regularly, can offer some preventive benefits.

Before you rush to purchase your weekly or monthly stock of dark chocolate, here is some useful information. The health benefits of dark chocolate has brought a good name for all types of dark chocolate but in reality, the composition of the ingredients in various types (brands) of dark chocolate do vary. You basically should aim for dark chocolate that packs in high proportions of cocoa and less, of sugar and fat. If you have discussed the benefits of dark chocolate with your doctor and both of you agree that, it is worth trying, take it to the next stage and get some specific dark chocolate recommendation from the doctor. Pure cocoa powder with no sugar might be an option but once again, stay within limits and do not over eat.

Somewhere in the future, you might have a more scientifically prepared dose for cocoa, probably in the form of capsules or tablets. For now medical experts provide a broad view of the benefits of coco and dark chocolate. With many studies being conducted on this subject, expect to hear much more.

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