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Diabetes And Excercise

Excercising Helps Control The Effects Of Diabetes

Just a glance at the basic definition of diabetes will tell you that, excercise can go a long way in coping with this ailment. Millions of people across the globe suffer from diabetes, the number keeps growing each year. Excercise and diabetes, should be considered to be an important theme for all diabetes patients. You could infact say that, diabetes is the ailment and excercise is one of the 'medications' needed to keep it under control. Diabetes is a condition that implies an excess concentration of sugar (glucose) in the bloodstream. In this brief report, we will talk about various issues related to excercise that are specifically applicable to people with diabetes.

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Diabetes and excercise, must go together. For diabetic patients, it is good to believe that excercise is one part of the medications needed to control diabetes. Do not neglect excercise as, it can help control the severity of future complications that diabetes is known to bring.

If you are under the impression that, medication is sufficient to control your diabetes then this report is for you. Excercise for diabetic patients can help in many ways. While the benefits of excercise applicable to everyone are applicable to diabetics too, excercise for diabetic patients brings even more benefits. While diabetes starts out as a problem with sugar levels in the blood, it brings in a host of other complications some of which can be very serious. Excercise can help reduce or even eliminate some of the complications brought on by diabetes.

Make Excercise A Part Of Your Lifestyle: This statement has become very common when talking about excercising, the force and importance of the statement seems to have become diluted with over-use!. Since we are talking very specifically about excercise and diabetics, we can assure you that this statement takes on additional importance and significance. A moderate excercise routine should ideally be maintained through every stage of life, make sure that the excercise program is regularly followed too.

Excercise And Your Heart: The longterm effects of diabetes, shows on the heart. High cholestrol levels and impaired heart performance often occur along with diabetes, they might show up many years after the diagnosis for diabetes is made. We all know that excercise burns fat, it also keeps the heart in good condition, and this results in an efficient blood circulation system. While heart and cholestrol problems are not restricted to diabetics alone, their combination with diabetes can be dangerous.

Excercise And Insulin Efficiency: The high sugar levels seen in diabetic patients, is caused by a problem related to inefficient insulin function in the body. Some diabetic patients might be advised to take insulin in an external form, this to ensure that the blood can better handle glucose (sugar) levels. A diabetic patient who excercises, also benefits from the fact that the insulin function is improved.

Diabetes And Excercise, Blood Sugar: Excercise can help regulate the blood sugar levels, this proves even more beneficial in diabetic patients. We also saw that, the insulin function in the body can be tuned to work more efficiently when we excercise.

Stress Control Through Excercise: It is not diabetics alone who are today faced with stressful and lethargic lifestyles. However, the negative effects of stress can be more dangerous when combined with diabetes. Excercising for diabetics, can reduce the stress levels as the heart and body are better equipped to handle stress. Cholestrol and heart related problems are often agravated by mental stress, this when combined with lack of excercise, can be dangerous.

Diabetes And Cholestrol: All medical experts are aware that the presence of high cholestrol levels in the bloodstream of a diabetes patient, need to be immediately controlled. It is not advisable to rely merely on medication to reduce cholestrol. When a diabetic person excercises, the benefits of reduced cholestrol level in the bloodstream can reduce the dependence on medications. Your doctor can check the cholestrol level and prescribe, medications that are lower or less intense. We ofcourse do not recommend that, you change your medication without professional medical advice.

Good And Bad Cholestrol:

Options For Excercising: The various forms of excercise which are open to everyone can be applicable to diabetic patients too. Your doctor, will let you know if you need some specific excercise routine. The excercise you choose should depend on your age, level of diabetes, physical condition and general convenience. Walking, jogging and swimming are excercises that diabetes patients can do without spending much. A regular work out at a well equipped gym are also an option. It is also possible to excercise at home, you could invest in a pair of dumbells and even a treadmill. More on this topic can be read here.

Before You Start Excercising: We would stronly suggest that you discuss your excercise plan and routine with your medical advisor, before implementing it. Diabetics especially those who are on external insulin medication should not, excercise on an empty stomach. Hypoglacemia ( low sugar levels) could result if, sufficient carbohydrates are not consumed before excercising. In any case it is not advisable to excercise immediately after having a meal. Your doctor would be the right person to advice you regarding this.


Excercise And Diabetes, Quick List

Relying only on medications to control your diabetes is not advisable.
Figure out how to incorporate an excercise routine into your daily schedule. Consider excercise to be as important as your sugar control medications.
Excercise controls sugar levels, it also improves the work efficiency of insulin in the body.
As diabetes advances, cholestrol and heart ailments become more likely. Excercise can help control cholestrol and also keep the heart in a better condition.
There are various forms of excercise, some require a professional gym, others can be performed at or near home with little or no equipment.
Excercise boosts, good cholestrol (HDL) levels and reduces bad cholestrol (LDL).


Pass this information to your friends, collegues and relatives. A healthier person can make a happier family, a happier family is an asset to the community and nation. The information provided here is for the general public, we do not plan to make any money out of this sincere advice.

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