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Diabetes And High Fibre In Food

Diets With Sufficient Fibre Content Are Good For Diabetics

While fibre rich food is beneficial to everyone, it has even more importance for diabetic. Defined as a complex carbohydrate, fibre in the food actually does not hold much nutritional value. However it is an important and highly desirable part of our diet. Not many people are aware that fibre in food can be derived only from plants. Meat, eggs and dairy products do not have any fibre content in their natural forms. 

Food with high fibre content is very useful for diabetic patients. Fibre rich diets do more than help digestion and reduce cholestrol in the body. Fibre foods can reduce the amount of insulin to be administered externally for a insulin dependent diabetic patient.

Many people are aware that fibre helps digestion and prevents constipation. This itself is a very important function played by a fibre rich diet. But there is a lot more good that fibre can do, some of these prove immensely beneficial for diabetics. What many people are not aware of is that fibre can also reduce cholestrol levels in the blood. This along with it's ability to reduce triglyceride levels in the blood goes a long way in reducing the chances of heart disease. Diabetics in the longterm often suffer from two major health problems, the first is ofcourse high sugar level and the second is heart ailments due to cholestrol related problems.

We would like to stress that fibre is not only good for diabetic patients but is absolutely essential. Fibre containing foods remain longer in the body and do a lot of good work in the process. Medically we would say that fibre containing food, have a low glycemic index. A person suffering from diabetes needs to avoid one thing and that is, a sudden rise in sugar levels. While certain foods like white bread and even polished rice are capable of abruptly increasing the sugar level in the blood, fibres ensure a slow release of sugar. This goes a long way in controlling diabetic conditions.

Insulin dependent diabetic patients get even more benefit by taking fibre rich diets. The gradual release of sugar into the blood due to fibre intake, helps increase the efficiency of insulin in the body. If this does happen, your doctor might be able to reduce external insulin intake dosages. The convenience and benefits derived by this will be truly appreciated by diabetics who are on external insulin treatments.

Here are some ideas to include fibre rich foods in your diet. If you are a diabetic, you most probably are (and should) be in close contact with your doctor regarding diet and eating habits. Some of the main objectives of a diabetics diet and eating schedule include:


Diabetics, Diet Objectives

To pace out meals rather than eat one or two very heavy meals.
To avoid foods that result in a sudden spike in blood sugar levels.
To eat foods that help in the slow release of sugar into the blood.
To avoid foods that give non-healthy cholestrol to the body.
To consume foods that aid in the efficient use of insulin in the body.
To avoid eating a heavy meal or snack just before sleeping.

If you look at the above table, the fact is that high fibre diets are encouraged as they deliver most of the above. So what type of foods should a diabetic take to ensure that sufficient fibres are included. We will provide a list of food items that can help you consume fibres. At the same time we would suggest that you also consult your medical advisor regarding, any changes to your diet that you plan to make.

Items like green peas pancakes, or high fibre oat meals and whole wheat bread - makes a great start to a working day.

Salads and yogurts with fresh vegetables and fruits are good sources of fibres too. Try to eat the vegetables and fruit raw, if skinning the vegetable or fruit take off as thin a layer of skin as possible. Make sure that raw vegetables have been thoroughly washed and rinsed before cutting or skinning them. Apples, cucmber and carrots are some interesting items to include in salads. Home made yogurt with milk that is low on fat and low on sugar is best. But if you must get your yogurt from the supermarket, check the label for sugar and fat levels. Also remember that readymade yogurts with fruits included generally, use fruits that are soaked or even preserved in sugar syrup - something that you need to avoid.

Peas, lentils and beans are great sources of fibre - doctors geneally advice diabetics to include such foods in their daily diet. Supermarkets generally stock beans of various colors and shapes in dry form. These are very commonly used in Asian foods. The seeds are soaked in water till soft and then cooked either in a pan or a pressure cooker. You should use the complete seeds including the skin when cooking these items. It is not wrong to say that the darker the color of the beans the more beneficial it is for a diabetese patient.

Consuming breads, pitas and rotis (Indian, Asian) in the regular diet of a diabetese patient is very helpful. A small note though, these food items are most beneficial when made with whole wheat flower. High fibre breads that look coarse and dark in color are available at most bakeries.

There is a trend towards consuming the bran (thin covering layer) of cereals like wheat, rice and oats. This is almost entirely made up of fibre and is good for diabetics. You might have to visit a health food store or a well stocked supermarket to buy bran in readymade packets. One way of getting the fibre of bran into your diet is to use it as a thickening agents in soups and similar dishes. If you make your own bread or pitas or rotis (Asian), include a small portion of the bran when kneading the dough.  

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