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Excercise, An Investment For The Future

Regular Excercise Brings Health Benefits

Excercise, a word that means good health and fitness to some. Interestingly, many people think about excercise as a tedious and boring task. While you might grumble that excercising requires time and makes you feel tired - the true benefits of excercise are often not highlighted. It is true that the benefits of excercise cannot be seen immediately, they will accrue gradually and will prove very useful when you really need them.

So when should you start excercising, a question that can be simple to answer or could seem like a tough quiz. If you ever ask someone or yourself this question, it most probably means that you have not started excercising as yet. Our answer would be that you should start with an excercise program RIGHT AWAY. If you are sick or have some known health disorder, discuss your ideas with your family doctor. An excercise program can be tailored to your age, lifestyle and even to your convenience.

Young boys and girls in the age group of 15 to 20 years, take to excercising quite easily. Unfortunately, quite a few of them treat excercise like it was a fashion trend - something that will soon wear off and become boring or outdated after a while. As a college student why he excercises and one reason you might here is that - girls like smart and handsome guys! Nothing wrong with that, the reverse s also true and this does drive young girls to excercise. If you are in this age group and currently enjoy excercising, tell yourself that this is one of the best habits that you can keep all your life. And if you have still not got into some form of excercise, talk to your friends who have, get to know how they feel and what they obtain from excercise.

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Regular excercise will benefit you now and in the future too. A body that is conditioned with excercise, can withstand ailments better than a body that has lacked excercise for long. A healthy body and a sound and alert mind will be your rewards for excercising regularly.

There are more than a hundred forms of excercise, individual preferences, time and facilities available and even your physical and mental condition will help you decide which form of excercise is best for you. If you live in the countryside with less road traffic and low pollution, you might consider cycling as a form of excercise. It might even be possible to combine cycling with your daily activities. Ride a cycle to school or college, or even to the local market. However the city atmosphere and congestion might not be very conducive to cycling, indeed it could be dangerous to ride a bicycle on roads filled with speeding automobiles of all sizes. Sports, are a great way to excercise but, availability of facilities and space might restrict this option for you. Some very congested Asian cities have badminton and tennis courts, that need to be booked days in advance. If you have access to a sports complex that allows you to play various games, consider becoming a member.

There is an interesting thing about games like badminton and tennis as a form of excercise. While lack of facilities might restrict your choice, remember that these games need more than one person to play. So you team up with your local buddy, and hit the play courts each morning - then one day, the buddy gets bored and stops going to play. This might put an end to your excercise schedule too. You should find a way to continue playing the game, new friends or someone from your family could be your partner. Many phsychologists remind us that group or team sports, not only work as a form of excercise but also help build friendship. There is no doubt about that, all you need to make sure is that an (unfortunate) end to the friendship does not hamper your excercise plan.

Joining a gymnasium is another way to get some quality excercise. While most gyms in major cities are constructed as indoor structures, excercising in a gym has some solid advantages. It is becoming increasingly common to have professional gymnasiums that stay open everyday and all day and night. This should take away one major excuse that, people who do not excercise often raise. You can go to the gym at your convenience, so scheduling an excercising program into your daily life style is much easier. Gyms also provide a wide range of excercise equipment, each of these can work to develop specific parts of your body. While you could purchase an excer-cycle or a treadmill at home, you might soon get bored of doing the single excercise. Competition among gymnasiums, has made them more professional and useful for members. Dieticians and professional gym instructors are often available, to guide and advice you. Todays gyms are more than just a place for working on excercise equipments. Games, like table tennis, badminton, squash and even tennis are often offered by reputed gyms. Trying to woo members, gyms have found innovative ways to attract new members. Clean washrooms and bathing rooms are provided in most gyms. You could drive in after work, change into your sports attire, excercise, have a refreshing bath, change your sports clothes and drive home. Cafetarias attached to gyms, serve breakfast and light snacks, you could pack an excercise program into your daily routine - hit the gym early morning and have a wash, eat a quick breakfast and drive to work. The indoor activities in a gymansium ensure that the outside climate does not affect you. Rain, wind, snow or heat are all held outside. You can do your excercise schedule without worrying about the climate, the temperature inside is controlled by the cooling or heating systems installed.

Some very popular grumbles about excercise go like this - excercise never gets easier - the benefits of excercise cannot be saved in a bank! To these people, here is our humble advice and explanation. Firstly, excercise is supposed to work you up and make you feel tired. This does not mean that you should overdo it, and get completely pulled down. The level of exertion should be just enough to get all your organs working and ofcourse, to tone up your joints and muscles. The heart and lungs could take the maximum brunt when excercising, stay within limits and take professional advice if you are unsure of what or how much of excercise is suitable for you. The complaint that, the benefits of excercising cannot be deposited in a bank account can be easily explained. There is no doubt, that the right excercise program done regularly will improve overall health. The immunity level of the body increases and helps eliminate or reduce the effects of many ailments. Without this you could spend big dollars on medical treatment and even, take longer to recover from sickness. This would all drain your bank account for sure. Even health insurance programs stay safe by placing limits, on the amount and type of medical expenses they cover.

Here are some suggestions for those of who claim that they cannot afford, joining a gym or sports club. They might also not be able to purchase, expensive gym aparatus to work out at home. Here are some options to excercise that you will cost you little or nothing. Remember, walking or even swimming can be a great form of excercise. If not accompanied by other forms of excercise, you might need to walk a few kilometers each day to stay in shape. Invest a small amount, a one time expense, and buy a few dumbles (weights). The number and weight of each would depend on your present age and physical condition. Sports stores often have experts to advice you on what to pick, learn to sift the sales talk from the actual advice and you should be fine. Floor excercises can be added to your excercise program, stretching and bending are good ways to tone up muscles and joints. You could ofcourse combine these excercise forms for better and quicker results. Some people do recommend taking the stairs instead of the lift at home or work but, newer buildings often have very narrow and even dark stairways. They are built more as emergency fire exists rather than to casually walk up or down.

Once you get hooked on an excercise schedule and routine, it is quite likely that you get addicted to it. This is more likely to happen once you start seeing the benefits of excercising. Just keep in mind that, you should not overdo it. If you are suffering from a cold, cough or other ailment or feel dizzy or experience pain when excercising, stop and consult your doctor. This could actually add up to one of the benefits of excercising, the exertion can throw up symptoms of an existing ailment much sooner. For example, a chest pain when you go running or jogging could point to a heart condition. The sooner you know of such ailments, the better the chance of recovery.

This article gives you an insight into excercising, the idea is to get people interested in various forms of excercising. The information is general and will appeal to people of all ages and nations. A strong body helps in the development of a stable and positive state of mind. Very often loss of temper and throwing of tantrums is related to frustration, lack of energy can make a person restless and impatient. This can lead to a trail of problems including, ruining a happy family or personal relationship. Lack of job satisfaction and mediocre performance in studies and work could also be the result of a weak body or mind. Excercise is an investment, for today and for the future - start excercising today.


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