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The health information in this section has been compiled with the hope of providing useful information in simple and non-technical language. The issues covered in this section will cover health topics that interest most people and are not expected to replace medical advice from experts. If you find the information useful please provide this link to your friends and acquaintances and if you have some particular health issues that you feel should be included in this section, email your suggestions to us and we will be glad to compile information that will be useful to all readers. We will be adding new health related articles to this section so do keep coming back.
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health information, strokes Strokes are the main cause of disability in many countries and yet few people are aware of the dangers that a stroke can pose. A stroke blocks blood flow to the brain and this causes the brain to become incapable of controlling certain functions like, speech, walking etc. A stroke would in most cases be painless and this is what causes most people to ignore early signs of a stroke. The fact is that, a stroke is a medical emergency and prompt medical attention is vital in eliminating or reducing the extent of brain damage that could be caused. Stroke symptoms are often mistaken for common ailments like headache and dizziness and ignored by the victim. These stroke symptoms could disappear after a while, but can come back in the future as a full blown stroke. This article covers important stroke information like signs, preventive measures, diagnosing technicques etc and include details that everyone should be aware of. click for more

cellular phone danger and health problems While abundant information regarding issues like brain tumors and other health problems have been linked to the usage of cell phones, more common and likely dangers have not been given enough importance. Mobile phones are being used increasingly in our daily lives. A cellular phone is one instrument that as widely used at home, as it is in the office. In this article on health information we cover a danger of using a cell phone that few of us pay any attention to. However, the danger is real and more likely to occur than a brain cancer or other brain malfunction (due to mobile phone usage). Actual incidents have been recorded and in one such incident in Thailand, the victim would have surely lost her life if her friends had not noticed her plight and rushed her to a medical center. Read this article and share the information with your friends, relatives and work collegues. Most magazines, newspapers, T.V channels and even websites would only provide information that is beneficial to them financially (through sponsors etc). The issue covered in this article will not make anyone financially richer, but it could save a life. click for more

destroying a cd, safe methods The computer has today become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. One of the most important uses to which a computer is put is to store information. The information could be images, personal details, address books, bank statements, project reports etc. It is quite common for computer users to keep backup copies of hard disk information on CD disks and other medium. Such backup information can be accessed if the main files on the computer hard disk are lost or corrupted for some reason. The CD can hold large volumes of data and is also quite cheap, this makes it the ideal medium to keep archive files and backup data. But what happens when you want to discard one of these CD disks? How can you ensure that the information on the CD is not readable by any one who finds the CD? Computer experts would advise you to break the CD and throw it in the trash bin or put the CD in the microwave to permanently destroy all information on the disk. An I.T expert would define 'safe' destruction of a CD to mean, that the information on the CD cannot be accessed by anyone. This report highlights the health considerations involved when using different methods to destroy a CD. click for more

forgetting child in car, fatal accidents When discussing child safety in a car, most of us think of investing in safety seats for children and remembering to lock the safety belt for the child. There is however, a real danger that we do not pay much attention to. This is because we are very sure that we will never forget our child in the car. And yet, you hear of cases where parents and elders have left children to suffocate and die a painful death in cars. Children are left alone in cars for two reasons, in the first case parents claim to have forgotten that the child was in the car. In the second case, the child is left alone and unattended in the car intentionally. The parent hopes to run a quick errand and get back to the car, the child is locked in the car and is expected to wait for the parents to get back. Legal experts spend a lot of time looking for the possibility of taking legal action against parents or elders who, cause grave accidents to children left in cars. The truth is that people who are the root cause of such injury and death to a child are normal people, they are not very old, they are not sick and they need not be mentally stressed. In this report we have tried to understand the mind of such people and the reasons why children get left in cars. We also provide some useful suggestions to ensure that you do not leave your child alone in the car intentionally or unintentionally. click for more

brown rice health information Despite the widespread popularity of rice, not much health related information regarding rice is available. This is particularly true of brown rice which is known to have better nutritional value as compared to white rice. It is quite surprising that many people consider brown rice to be something that is consumed by poor people! So what is brown rice and how is it different from white rice? From the technical point of view there is a very small difference between white and brown rice as, brown rice is unpolished or sometimes partially polished rice. White rice on the other hand is completely polished rice and the polishing process removes the entire brown (bran) layer on top of the seed. Brown rice is rich in fiber and this is the main reason why it is known to help control cholestrol and even blood pressure. It is often thought that cooking brown rice is a very cumbersome process and this puts many people off. We have compiled what is most likely the most comprehensive report on brown rice and clearly explained the health benefits of brown rice. The health information on brown rice provided in this report, is not expected to replace any professional medical advice that you might get. On the other hand we would like you to become aware of the benefits of eating unpolished (brown rice) and understand how it can be beneficial to you. click for more

dvt symptoms and meaning DVT is the short name for deep vein thrombosis, a medical condition where blood clots are formed in the deep veins of the body. Blood clotting is a normal process in the human body but, DVT where blood clots are formed deep inside the veins can be very dangerous. At times the blood clot could break into smaller pieces, these pieces then travel through the blood stream to some vital body organs. DVT can be fatal when the blood clots travels to the brain, heart or lungs. The result is a blockage of blood flow to that part of the body. The symptoms of DVT might be clear or in some cases there might be no symptoms at all. It is quite possible that some DVT symptoms could be confused for other minor ailments. This report on DVT is meant to provide useful information regarding deep vein thrombosis. We have also listed the risk factors that could lead to DVT. The treatment of DVT depends on a number of factors and your doctor would be the best person to advise you regarding treating DVT. You will find a short note on the treatment for DVT, and an explanation of DVT and air travel. A very interesting and useful health article that you could recommend to your friends and relatives. click for more

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