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Health And Safety Issues

Informative Articles For Your Safety And Health

Health And Safety For Your Family
This section includes interesting and informative issues related to your health and safety. Most offices and business establishments follow regulations regarding health and safety. We cover issues that mainly relate to safety and health at home, the place where some of our most loved ones live. Household chores are very often performed as a routine and we seem to forget the fact that some chores could pose health and safety problems if not performed well. Electric devices and other appliances are accessible to adults and children and this is why, more attention needs to be given to health and safety at home. Workplace accidents that are caused due to neglect of health and safety regulations are tackled by the law, but health and safety hazards at home could leave the family in grief forever.

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boiling water microwave, could be dangerous Most of us are bound to follow health and safety regulations at the workplace. Many daily chores at home are taken for granted. The truth is that, simple things like using the microwave to boil water and even smoking indoors can pose health and safety risks. In this article we take an indepth look at the dangers of boiling water in a microwave oven. This is a little known or often neglected danger and poses a real threat to personal health and safety. We explain how the water boiling process in the microwave is different from, boiling water on a conventional gas or electric stove. Though most manufacturers of microwave ovens downplay the danger of microwave heated water bursting in the face and causing injury, our report gives full coverage to this issue. Such accidents do not occur every day but, the seriousness of the injury when they do occur, is tremendous. For home health and safety reasons, the issue of boiling water in a microwave oven needs to be clearly explained and understood. click for more

What is the H5N1 bird flu virus? The H5N1 avian flu virus is a very relevant issue related to the health and safety of everyone. It was only recently that medical experts realized that, the deadly H5N1 virus could spread to human beings. Originally referred to as the Asian bird flu virus, the virus has now spread across almost every continent. Remember that, this bird flu has high mortality rates among birds and human beings. Medical research has so far (mid 2007), not yielded any definite success in terms of treatment and prevention of the H5N1 avian bird flu virus. The symptoms of the H5N1 virus infection are similar to, general influenza that affects human beings. Most of the preventive measures relate to hygiene and cleanliness, for now these measures seem to be your best defence against the H5N1 bird flu virus. Read the complete article and share the information with as many peopla as you can. Awareness can reduce or even eliminate, the chances of you or someone you know, being infected by this deadly bird flu virus. click for more

what is stress? how to controm stress? stress and your health. The negative effects of stress on health have been given a lot of attention, information on stress related issues is abundant. However, there is one very important health issue related to stress that is not explained very clearly. This concerns the relationship between cholestrol and stress, the dangerous effects of high cholestrol levels are life threatening. What makes the dangerous effects of stress on cholestrol levels more interesting is that, it can be avoided quite easily if fully understood. This article describes the reaction of the brain to stress and explains how, the brain cannot differentiate between physical stress and mental stress. This causes the brain to ready the body with energy sources, that will be needed to fight the stressful condition. The liver is directed to produce cholestrol that will be burnt up during this 'fight' against stress. In cases where the energy required burns up the excess cholestrol released by the liver, no negative health effects are noticed. This article discusses the dangerous situation where, the stress is handled without physical effort, or the stressful situation threatens to become prolonged. click for more

Thailand holiday vacation, safety suggestions. Holidays are meant to have fun and relax, vacationing in a foreign country is one of the best ways to spend a holiday. However, holidays are not the time to forget about health and safety. In this report we provide some useful suggestions and tips to have a great holiday in Thailand. The country is known for it's natural beauty, beaches and nature parks are abundant. The hospitable people and amazing sightseeing spots might make you forget a few issues related to safety. We have specifically discussed about sightseeing trips to waterfalls. It is not uncommon for foreign tourists to Thailand to meet with accidents that could easily have been averted. Hard and slippery rocks can sometimes cause you to lose balance and fall. Children can easily be taken in by the excitement and adventure, absence of adult supervision can be dangerous. There is nothing particularly dangerous about waterfalls in Thailand, the information will help you have a safe and enjoyable trip in any part of the world. click for more

what is yoga, what are the health benefits of yoga Yoga has it's roots in many Indian religions but, you need not be religious to get the benefits of practising yoga. Many health related articles concentrate on the physical aspects of the human body. The ancient practioners of yoga knew many thousands of years ago that, the maximum potential of any individual could be achieved only when a healthy body housed a healthy mind. The Western nations were introduced to yoga in the mid 1800s. A subset of yoga postures can be developed to suit the requirements, age and physical condition of an individual. A sportsman who does not lack physical excercise can draw on other benefits of yoga that help develop a strong mind frame. It is true that our hectic lifestyles have made us forget simple things like, the right way to breathe. Meditation in yoga and many postures of yoga help develop the right way to breathe. This helps keep a clear and sharp mind, allowing a more positive attitude when faced with various challenges that life brings. The physical benefits of doing yoga are more readily seen and understood. Specific yoga excercises can help strengthen specific parts of the body. This report provides the basic information to know how yoga can help you. click for more

 health related article, sugar and the heart

An interesting research project related to sugar and the heart brings some encouraging news. A well known fact is that, recovery from heart surgery or from a heart attack can be a long and stressful affair. The heart goes through severe trauma and stress during an operation, the recovery from heart surgery is a long difficult journey. This is a similar scenario for those recovering from a heart attack. The long road to recovery from a heart attack or heart surgery seems never ending, the patient has to make several adjustments in personal and professional life. Kaisilver brings you an interesting health article, the findings are from a research project condcuted on animals. Medical experts feel that the observations related to testing sugar for a faster recovery from heart surgery or a heart attack, give hope for human applications too. Ribose a simple form of sugar when administered during heart surgery or after a heart attack, seemed to substantially reduce the time to recovery. It would be beneficial in more than ways than one if, the sugar treatment used for heart surgery and heart attack recovery was successful on human beings too. It is obvious that a person recovering from a heart condition faces a higher risk rate during the recovery period. A reduction in the time required for the heart to recover would also limit the risks, something that is very welcome. click for more


Fibre in food has always known to be good for the health. It is still not widely known that high fibre food does many good things for diabetics. A diet with sufficient fibre content helps reduce cholestrol and sugar levels in the blood. Another good thing about fiber rich foods is that, they facilitate a slow release of sugar into the bloodstream. Diabetes patients need to avoid foods that cause a sudden rise in the sugar level. The reduction of cholestrol also helps control heart ailments and improves the condition of the heart. The important thing to note is that fibre is present only in plan related produce. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of fibre. Eating raw fruits and vegetables plain or in the form of salads gives better fibre value. You should ofcourse thoroughly wash and rinse them before eating. Ideally the skin of the vegetable or fruit should be retained. If you must take off the skin try to skin off as little as possible. In general you could say that the amount of fibre present in the food is more when the food passes through little or no processing. For more than one reason, eating a whole orange fruit is better than drinking orange juice. Fibre also helps digestion and reduces the chances of constipation. This very useful heatlh article will tell you more about the importance of fibre in your diet. You do not have to be a diabetic to get the true benefits of fibre. click for more.

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