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Cell Phone Danger

Important Information, Caution When Using Cell Phones

health hazard of using a cell phone

Rarely Revealed Danger Of Using A Cell Phone
There is a whole lot of medical information regarding the health problems posed by mobile phones or cell phones, as they are commonly referred to. It is believed that prolonged use of a mobile phone can pose many health hazards including brain damage. As the usage of cell phones increases research into the health problems caused by excess usage will also proceed at a rapid pace. In this article we make you aware of another type of health hazard that lurks in almost any home or office where cellular phones are used.

Typical Scenario For Mobile Phone Usage
You use your mobile phone in the car, on the road, in the office and at home. Every cell phone has a battery that gets drained as the phone is used. Periodically the battery needs to be charged to allow the phone to be used freely without being tied to wires and plug points. You plug your cellular phone into a plug point and start charging the battery, you get a call or have an urgent call to make, you pick the cell phone while it is till plugged and start using the phone. There seems to be nothing wrong in doing this but, this could be dangerous .

What You Should Be Aware Of
Most of us are aware that the mobile phone can be used even while it is being charged. Doing this will infact stop the battery from draining as power in most cases will be drawn from the power point through the charger, but this is exactly where the danger is. The charger is connected to a power point on a wall or other place and that point is wired throughout the premises. In the case of a rain storm accompanied by lightning, the wiring in the premises could receive the electric charge from the lightning and pass that charge to the person using the phone (through the mobile phone instrument).

This is not a very common occurence, but the danger posed by the cell phone in this case can be fatal. There have been reports of such cases in countries like Thailand, where a lightning bolt passed a shock on to the user of the mobile phone. The victim lost conciousness and medical experts observed irregular heartbeats that needed immediate treatment to be provided. The people around the victim luckily noticed the accident and saved the victim's life by quickly taking the victim to a medical facility.

This danger of using a mobile phone is not known by many people and you would do a great service by informing as many people as you can about this danger. You could ofcourse send them the link to this article as that would give them an opportunity to receive information regarding all our health articles that will be added to this section.

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