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Stress And Cholestrol

Stess Is More Than Just A Mental Condition

Effects of stress on cholestrol levels, chronic or prolonged stress can increase cholestrol in the body

What Is Stress? Is Stress Always Harmful?

Let us for a moment forget how someone else would define stress and try to understand stress in a more practical way. You could say that stress starts of with a challenge. For example, you are to achieve a particular sales target at work. This is so far a challenge and need not be immediately determined as being stress. Now this challenge has certain limiting constraints, like limited time, limited resourses in terms of supporting staff, expenses allowed to achieve the target etc. You now make an effort to achieve those targets and stay within the constraints of time, money, human resources etc. This challenge brings out an effort level from you, this can be described as a stress level too. If you do achieve your target, the stress created by the challenge can be said to have a positive effect on your performance. The stress is then released from your body and mind. However if the constraints are just too narrow the challenge starts to seem impossible, the effort and stress seeps into your body and mind and suddenly there seems no way out. This is the kind of stress that is to be dealt with, the stress level might become so overwhelming that, the challenge is lost sight of. This is the type of stress that needs to be treated and understood. You can use this example in your personal life too. For example, rising inflation requires that you spend more money on household expenses, on child education, on medical insurance and many other things. You need to prepare to face this challenge, the limiting factors are time and money. You realize that you need to make more money in a short span of time, you might think of taking a second job. If the additional money earned by taking a second job is sufficient to cover increased household expenditure, the stress (challenge) posed by the situation (inflation) has brought out the positive effects of stress. If you can either not find a second job or cannot make enough money on the second job, the stressful situation remains and you could soon see the negative effects of this prolonged and tedious condition of stress.

How Does Stress Affect Cholestrol Levels?

There is some excellent medical information available that details the relationship between, stress and cholestrol levels in the blood. We will try to explain in simple terms this very useful piece of information regarding stress. When the body is stressed, the liver generates cholestrol as a source of energy. The body is unable to distinguish between mental stress and physical stress. The cholestrol generation is done to provide fuel to the body to ward away the stress. It is expected that the stress would need a physical effort to be handled, the cholestrol would ideally be burnt up during this effort. The cholestrol is generated throughout the period that the body is stressed. If the stressed person is able to handle the stress, the brain senses the release of stress and stops the liver from generating the cholestrol. But in cases of where the stressed person is not able to handle the stressful situation and come out of stress, the cholestrol continues to be released into the blood and (cholestrol) levels increase dangerously. Most people get depressed and lethargic when experiencing stress, this means that there is never any chance to exert additional energy and burn up the cholestrol. Habits like smoking and drinking caffeine or alchohol containing drinks, worsen the effects that high cholestrol levels have on health. Unfortunately, most stressed people turn to drinking or smoking in an effort to 'handle' stress. The ultimate effect is on the heart and many of these effects can become irreversible.

There could be another situation where the problem at hand that causes stress, is resolved without any physical activity. As explained above, the body is unable to distinguish between physical stress and metnal stress. The cholestrol is produced assuming that physical effort will be required to solve the problem on hand. With no way to burn the cholestrol generated in the body, it is possible that abnormal cholestrol levels might continue to exist in the body. The best way to handle this situation is to do some physical excercise after the stressful situation has been overcome.

How Do You Contain Cholestrol Levels When Stressed?

Cholestrol release that is triggered to handle a stressful situation is best contained by, controlling the stress level and controlling the amount of time that the body remains stressed. In many situations controlling stress is not very easy, you might need to take medical help or work with your friends and relatives. In case of professional stress, help from your boss or collegues might become necessary. While working on the issue to handle stress, also make sure that you get some physcial activity to burn up cholestrol. Taking a long walk, excercising, swimming, or playing a game of squash or badminton can help you do this. Remember that excess cholestrol that remains in your blood does no good for you. Solutions like drinking, insufficient sleep, depression and over drinking of coffee and tea can only worsen the problems that come with prolonged stress. Learn to gauge your capability and capacity before undertaking a task, make sure that sufficient resources are available to perform the task.

Not All Stress Is Bad, Understand Good And Bad Stress.

Few of us can live a life that is void of stress, infact many experts believe that moderate amounts of stress is good for us. This has led to the concept of 'good stress' and 'bad stress'. When we attempt to do a task with limited amount of resources, we work that much harder to keep up to schedules. In this case the stress triggers a sense of urgency and also pushes us to use whatever resources we have in terms of money, time, materials or staff more efficiently. Had we not felt this stress, we probably would never have attempted performing the task on hand and believed that it was an impossible task. However, if we had tried our best and could still not accomplish the task, there could be a prolonged period of stress. Negative thoughts fill our mind, we think about the person assigning the 'impossible' task to us as being unfair or unjust. It is possible that we start to believe that we lack the necessary skills to do the work for which we were hired. This situation creates a prolonged stressfull condition that will eventually affect our health, profession and family life. It is important that we recognize chronic and prolonged stress and get help to relieve such stress as soon as possible.

Develop A Healthy Lifestyle, Don't Wait Until You Are Stressed.

It is best to develop habits and routines that will help you to handle stressful situations. The negative effects of severe stress are so glaring that anything that would allow you to control stress should be welcome. Given the above explanation about stress and cholestrol, make it a point to do some physical activity when you are stressed. A short walk, a game of squash, swimming, cycling or a work out at the gym will help you to burn up the cholestrol that is released in the bloodstream. Different people react to stress differently, some people get quiet and withdrawn, others can get agitated and violent, depression is what some others might experience. Learn to recognize how your body reacts to stress, having done that check for the early symptoms of stress and take remedial action. Regular excercise results in a healthy body and a sound mind, both these are necessary to keep a positive attitude towards life. If you feel that you are not fully qualified to handle the work assigned to you, there is no need to be stressed. A good idea would be to take some additional courses on weekends to update your skills. If you are perpetually flooded with tasks that need to be completed with impossible time schedules, discuss the problem with your boss. Look at ways to share your duties, extend time deadlines or probably add more staff to assist you.

Spread This Information To Your Family And Friends

We have seen loads of information on stress it's causes and remedies but, few sources give importance to the relationship between stress and cholestrol levels in the blood. The dangers of high cholestrol are well known, and this condition induced by stress has nothing to do with the type of food that you eat. The cholestrol generated by the body to help combat stress, is generated within the body. Kaisilver is a custom jewelry provider and is not related to the health and well being industry but, we feel that it is our duty to try to inform people regarding issues that will affect their well being and happiness. You could buy your jewelry from hundreds of other sources, that is fine with us. All we request from you is to share this piece of health information with your friends, family and collegues. We consider ourselves to be more than just a jeweler, we pride ourselves in being on your side for over 17 years.

Important: The information provided on this web page is not meant to replace the advice and expertise of your family doctor. The objective is to make you aware of stress and make you understand when professional help might be required to help you handle stress.

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