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Sugar Could Help Heart Recovery

Ribose Could Quicken Recovery After Heart Surgery or A Heart Attack

Recovery after a heart surgery or after a heart attack is generally a slow process. The need for a heart surgery is mainly because of a heart that does not function efficiently. During heart surgery, the blood flow to the heart is stopped. The duration of the heart surgery determines how soon the heart can come back to handle normal blood flow. The time could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. The recovery of the heart after a major surgery takes time and patient needs to take substantial rest during that period. A heart attack restricts blood flow to the heart, this once again needs sufficient time for the heart to improve it's performance.

sugar and heart recovery
Ribose a simple type of sugar, is a likely treatment for getting heart surgery and heart attack patients to recover faster.

Results of a study published in mid June 2011 have some interesting and encouraging news. It is beileved that a simple sugar called ribose, could prove beneficial in heart recovery after a heart surgery and possibly after a heart attack too. Though the medical tests referred to by the study for now, relate only to tests done on animals, medical experts feel that the same results could apply to human beings. If this is indeed true, the ribose sugar treatment could take a fairly substantial time element out of the recovery stage.

The tests conducted to check the effects of sugar (ribose) on recovery after a heart surgery, state that the ribose was administered while the heart surgery was being performed. We just mentioned that blood flow to the heart is also restricted due to a heart attack. The heart recovery can once again be quite slow in this case, the study recorded an encouraging rate of heart recovery even after the heart attack. Since the dose of the ribose and the rate at which the sugar is administered to the patient can be closely monitored, there is a good chance of this treatment working in human beings too.

The stress on the heart can also result from heavy excercise and sportsmen do feel such effects. Administering sugar in the form of ribose, is not uncommon to sportsmen who complain or show signs of extreme fatigue. While the heart does not recover to normal immediately after the intake of ribose, the sugar does allow a quicker rate of recovery.

Please note that we do not recommend that you try this method on your own. The heart is a vital organ of your body, any type of abnormality related to the efficiency of the heart can be fatal. While the ribose option to speed heart revovery after a heart surgery or a hear attack seems promising, medical expertise is required to recommend it's administration.

Heart surgery or recovery from a heart attack is something that needs to be done under the close supervision of a medical expert. The time for recovery from a heart attack or heart surgery varies from person to person. Medicines, excercise recommendations and even diet are recommended according to each specific case. It is very necessary for the patient to discuss any changes being implemented with the medical expert BEFORE actually practising those changes.

The above content is published as general information, it is not aimed at recommending any specific treatment for recovery from a heart attack or heart surgery. Kaisilver has always tried to provide useful information to our website visitors. Our interest in society and the general well being of all human beings, has been well received across the globe. As we continue to grow and thrive in the very competitive business of gems and jewels, we would like to play a small part in society more safe and friendly.


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