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Yoga For All

What Is Yoga, What Are The Benefits Of Practising Yoga

In The Modern World, Yoga Can Be A Lifestyle, Providing A Sound Mind In A Healthy Body

Yoga, What Is Yoga And Where Did Yoga Originate.

We devote this paragraph to explain the background of yoga, many people who want to start their yoga training would like to know a few basics about yoga. Yoga has has it's roots in the East, the great Indian Swami Vivekananda is credited with bringing yoga to the Western world, this happened in the mid 1800s. For many the word 'yoga' brings images of twisted and elastic bodies to the mind, yoga ofcourse goes beyond this. Many people define yoga as 'discipline', others have interpreted yoga as a focus point where mind, body and spirit meet. Yoga symbolizes a sound mind in a health body, in todays world it would mean a 'feel good' habit that always brings positive thoughts to a person. The Western world has tried to adapt yoga to help westerners cope with their hectic and often materialistic lifestyles. This is where the value of yoga can be directly felt in our daily lives, we might not have the time to meditate for endless seasons in the hills and forests, but many other yoga practices can give us benefits that make it easier to succeed in our personal and professional lives. This article does not aim to teach you yoga, it is an eye opener that tries to make you aware that yoga can positively improve your health and lifestyle. Once you understand the general scope of benefits and positive influences that yoga can have on your life, it won't be long before you get interested in this amazing way of life.

yoga, what is yoga, how can you benefit from yoga

Benefits Of Yoga In A Modern World.

Yoga can be meditation, yoga could be a form of physical excercise. Many of us are so busy with our personal lives that we have even forgotten the right way to breathe! Yoga stresses the importance of breathing the right way, this could help us control our temper and might even be responsible for reducing blood pressure. If you thought that yoga meditation would not be beneficial to a CEO, you are mistaken. Meditation helps clear thoughts develop, it also encourages a logical way to make decisions. A CEO who rushes from his bed to bathtub and then to the boardroom cannot be expected to perform, it is only a fit mind and a fit body that can get positive results. Yoga can offer both these and is becoming increasingly popular in recent times.

Most of us accept breathing as a natural process that can take care of itself. Yoga meditation and many yoga postures concentrate on breathing technics realizing the benefits of the right breathing rythm. It is not uncommon for us to take a long deep breath when we are confronted with a complicated or delicate situation. This helps us get more oxygen into the lungs, increases blood flow rate and surprisingly allows a relaxation in blood pressure too. Yogic experts knew for centuries that inhaling (breathing in) increases the heart beat rate, exhaling (breathing out) allows the heart to relax and lowers blood pressure. And yet most of us today take a deep long breath and exhale in a short quick spurt. If you consider the fact that the heart beats slower and the blood pressure is eased during the exhale (breathe out) process, it would seem logical that we took a deep breath and then exhaled out equally slowly and gradually. Learning yoga would help you with a proper understanding of how you should breathe. Imagine breathing in a way that is beneficial to your heart and blood pressure, now imagine doing this all the while and not only when stressed!

It is important to clearly answer one question that is asked very often, who can do yoga? Firstly it is important to know that though yoga is spiritually connected to some religions in India, you need not be religiously minded to practise yoga. The question regarding who can practise yoga should be re-phrased as, who can benefit from yoga. The benefits of a sound mind in a healthy body is applicable to people of all sexes, ages, religions and professions. Numerous postures of yoga can be performed by people who are not physically very agile too. In modern yoga training, the instructor could tailor make a set of yoga postures to suit the age, physical condition and requirements of each student learning yoga. If you were a financial expert and spent 2 hours at the gym each morning, you could still benefit from practising yoga. The yoga postures that help breathing and allow you to keep a cool mind that is conducive to taking thoroughly analyzed decisions, can drastically enhance your managerial skills.

The physical aspects of practising yoga are fairly well known, after all most people think of yoga as a collection of twisting and bending excercises. The physical aspects of various yoga postures form the foundation of what is known as Hatha Yoga. This section of yoga emphasis on physical power of the body and includes but, is not limited to the various physical positions taught in yoga. The importance of feeling physically fit and well cannot be over emphasised, we really cannot perform to our full potential if we lack physical fitness. An experienced and talented CEO could be a failure if plagued with frequent back pains and aches. Specific yoga postures can often help alleviate issues related to back pains and aches. Chronic constipation could keep an otherwise hard working student from performing well, understanding and practising a few yoga postures could prove helpful for this student. It is sometimes believed that practising the physical aspects of yoga mildly massages various internal organs, this also helps keep the organs in shape. We already mentioned that many physical postures of yoga are combined with correct breathing rythms. This helps control blood pressure and also results in a healthy and clear thought process. Like any other physical excerise, postures of yoga can help in blood circulation. You could also choose a set of postures that help strengthen the weaker parts of your body. People who spend long hours on computer keyboards often complain of stiffness in some fingers, yoga can help in such situations and the sooner you start practising yoga, the faster and more fully you would recover.

You could learn yoga on your own by reading a book or getting hold of a video that provides yoga training. Once you have made up your mind and want to start learning yoga, don't jump to make a hurried start. The most amazing thing about yoga is that it actually can be customized to the needs and interests of each individual. An athlete might be phsically fit through streneous physcial training but, practising the meditation aspects of yoga could put him in a more positive frame of mind. Sports trainers have realized that physical and mental prepardness can increase the chances of success. There have been recorded cases where, certain yoga postures have helped chronic constipation sufferers. Remember that curiosity and commitment can make it easy to work out a set of yoga postures and practices that is suited for you.

None of the suggestions in the above article are meant to replace the diagnosis or treatment of your medical advisor. An early start to learning and practising yoga could ensure that, many of the health related problems mentioned above are either reduced, delayed or eliminated from your life. If you have found this article to be useful, please forward the link to your friends, relatives and collegues. The Kaisilver team takes strong interest in social and health related issues, the information is provided at no cost. We urge you to share this knowledge with as many people as you can.

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